Configuration data for PHP Setup Wizard is stored in the "includes/config.php" file. Below is the overview of each setting in the file:

  • title
    The title of your installation wizard (ie: My Script Installation Wizard).
  • version
    Version of your application (ie: 1.0)
  • description
    Description of your installation wizard (ie: This wizard will guide you through the installation process).
  • wizard_file (default: index.php)
    File name of the index wizard file in case you would like to rename it.
  • copyright
    Your copyright notice (ie: <a href="" target="_blank">VLD Interactive</a> © 2019).
  • show_steps (default: true)
    Set to "true" to display wizard step number.
  • show_back_button (default: true)
    Set to "true" to display the "Back" button on the screen for the user to be able to go back to the previous step.
  • view (default: default)
    Name of the view (or template) you would like to use (in the "views" folder).
  • language (default: en)
    Name of the language you would like to use (in the "languages" folder).
  • db_type (default: mysql)
    Type of the database you would like to use (in the "includes/db" folder). Available values are: mysql, mysqli.
  • db_show_queries (default: true)
    Set to "true" to dislay the database query in the error message if one occurs.
  • db_charset (default: utf8)
    Your preferred database encoding.
  • db_collation (default: utf8_general_ci)
    Your preferred database collation.