Powerful free PHP installation wizard script

  • Customizable step by step configuration
  • Flexible validation rules
  • Advanced callbacks for your custom functions
  • Support for multiple languages
  • and much much more

PHP Setup Wizard is an easy to use and yet powerful PHP script for creating user friendly installation wizard. If you have created an application, software or any script that is missing an installation module, PHP Setup Wizard will fill this gap perfectly. Within just a few minutes you can customize and tailor each step of the installation wizard to gather information from the user and perform necessary tasks such as database installation or file creation. Our software makes the installation process as simple as possible and may be easily customized for any project.

Why use it?

  • Focus on your own product

    With PHP Setup Wizard you don't need to worry about spending extra time on coding and perfecting user friendly installation wizard so you can focus more on your product than anything else.
  • Easy integration

    The script is suitable for any PHP application and does not require you to make any changes in your own software. Just bundle it together in the same folder as your script or deliver it separately.
  • Powerful and flexible features

    Display just about anything throughout the installation process, accept user input, use built in validation functions, create your own custom methods.
  • 100% customizable

    You can change just about everything and anything from the unlimited step by step configuration to the way your installation wizard looks and performs.